During the migration and initial setup process most of the heavy lifting will be done by us. We use a Agile development approach where we do the work and once each week the core team gathers to review and refine the work done. Total work effort for your chapter members is about one or two hours of work each week.

Our preferred process is to start the first few weeks with a small core team who can move fast. Once the website has taken shape we can then open it up to the extent the team for further review and comment. We would like the following information from your chapter core team member's:

  1. resource name.
  2. Preferred contact number. You e-mail address.
  3. Role in your PMI chapter.
  4. Role on the website migration team.



Our typical migration project will have your new website ready in about eight weeks. There are two sets of meetings that occur in this timeframe:

  1.  Website review meetings. These are working meetings that the core team of Proteon members and chapter members attend to work on the new website and migrating your chapter content over.
  2. Training meetings. This is a set of recurring standard meetings that we offer to our clients. They are every Wednesday evening (click here to access the training calendar). These classes are free to attend and registration is open to anyone on your board. It is highly recommended that you socialize these training sessions with your board members and attend them.

The website review meetings coupled with the training sessions are all you need to migrate your website to the new platform and to get your team up to speed. Once your new website is ready for production we will keep meeting with you on a weekly basis as long as is needed to help you learn your new platform and feel comfortable operating. Our policy is unlimited training we are here for you whenever you need us.