There are two basic types of credit card transactions:

1. Card Not Present (CNP) accounts. These are basically web based and over the phone.

---- For web based transactions there must be an online form and it is submitted to the payment gateway from the website. An electronic receipt is then sent to the customer and that is why email account is mandatory for these transactions. Proteon supports online web based CNP transactions.

---- Phone transactions are typically through call centers. The customer gives their information over the phone and the call center representative types the information onto special processing software. Proteon does not have a call center like this so we do not support phone based CNP transactions. However, the chapter could purchase the phone based CNP software from their bank and still support these transactions. It is just that the chapter will have to staff someone to take the call.

2. Card Present (CP) accounts. This is your typical retail checkout scenario where the store has a card reader and the card is swiped. Proteon, being a web based company does not offer this service either. However, if the chapter wants to purchase a card swipe machine from their merchant bank they can and it will work. There are a couple of chapters that do this for at the door payments. Most chapters just have a computer handy so late comers can simply pay through the website.

So, in summary, Proteon will not explicitly prevent any kind of credit card transaction.  However, being a web based company, Proteon will only explicity support web based online (CNP) transactions.