There is no automated way to create jNews lists per DT Register event but the process is reliatively easy.  Here are the steps.

1.  Create the jNews list.  Goto 'Components-->jNews-->Lists' and create the list.  Please remember to fill out the 'from address' field when creating the list.

2.  Export the registrants.  Goto 'Components-->DT Register-->CSV Export' and export the list of registrants for the event.  Only include the name and email address fields as they are the only fields necessary for this.

3.  Create the import file.

  1. Use excel to modify the spreadsheet so it has four columns:
  2. The 1st column is the name field and it can have spaces between 1st and last name.
  3. The 2nd column is the email address
  4. The 3rd column is the number 1
  5. The 4th column is the number 1

4. Save the file as a .csv format.

Here is an exmaple record layout:
Mike Holstein,,1,1
Shannon Holstein-Guianen,,1,1
etc, etc,

5.  Import the file into jNews.

  1. Goto 'Components-->jNews-->Subscribers' and click on the 'Import' button.
  2. Select the list you want to import into
  3. Upload the file.

That should be it!  If you have any issues just let us know and we'll create the list for you.